The Wintec Awning Window comes with hollow sections in the structure, including mullions and stiles, which gives an added strength and security to the window. These windows come with a 1000Pa structural rating on the 1500mm by 1200mm awnings, and achieve a water penetration rating of a minimun of 300Pa.


The window structure comes with rounded stiles and rails for added strength, and give you extra safety when cleaning as there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on or to attach to clothes.


These Awning Windows come with additional benefits such as the ability to accommodate for features like Friction Stays and Top Hung system and chain winder. Multiple bays can also be added to the awning window using a standard mullion. Options to the structure of the window can be added such as double glazing to help improve the strength, and the added benefit of installing an insect and security screen

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