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Wintec Sliding Doors come in a variety of sill types. Both the 300 and 450 Pascal Rated Sills come with water penetration resistance, as well as the 60 Pascal Sub Sill Combination.


The 150 Pascal Sill is low profile, and finally there is the option of the non rated Wheelchair Sill, which comes at a 1:8 slope.


Mullions and interlocks are available on all sill types. They are available in a standard duty with a serviceability of 1000Pa, heavy duty with a serviceability of 2200Pa, and Region D which comes with a Cyclonic Rating.


Hollow sections appear in the structure of all sliding doors, to give them strength and security, and the larger doors come with the heavy duty double rollers. There are no unfinished edges on the Wintec Sliding Doors, nor are there any exposed edges, giving the door more safety than a sharp cornered type. They feauture rounded interlocks in place of the conventional "T" locks for both their aesthetic quality and to avoid getting caught on furnishings.


These doors comes with additional benefits such as low profile options for disabpled and nursing home applicants. The maximum door height is 2700mm, and it can be matched with other Wintec products.


Insect and security screens as well as doube glazing is also available for these doors.